1 year before the UK are set to host the United Nations Cop26 Summit in Glasgow, Boris Johnson and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy have published a Ten Point Plan to instigate a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’, to tackle both the Global Climate Emergency and the UK’s Unemployment Crisis.

The more ambitious approach includes shorter deadlines and additional investments in a bid to counteract the damage done by COVID-19 to Net Zero progress, the Economy, and the to-date, 1.7 million unemployed UK citizens, roughly 5% of the population, the worst unemployment rate in 5 years.


In short, the Plan outlines the ways in which the UK Government are going to rebuild after the brute impact of the global pandemic, taking advantage of this opportunity to restart, supporting especially ‘Green Jobs’ and gaining more momentum towards NET ZERO, which we are legally obligated to achieve by 2050.

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, describes this 10 Point Plan as ‘the Greenest Manifesto in the UK’S history’.

With focus on further Innovation in Offshore Wind, Low Carbon Hydrogen use, Nuclear Power, Zero Emission Vehicles, Green ships, and Greener Buildings, the UK plans to become a Global Leader in the realm of Green Technologies, by injecting a £12 Billion Government Investment, as well as almost 3 times this much from the Private Sector, which will also create potentially 250,000 Green Jobs.