In December last year, Hazchem Safety were pleased to be able to partner with GasRec for a photoshoot at their LNG refuelling station at Dirft in Northamptonshire.

For Hazchem Safety, this gave us the opportunity to shoot a new product range at this innovative and exciting location that is committed to improving the Green credentials of many haulage companies that have invested in LNG fuelled trucks.

GasRec are the UK’s leading supplier of gas to these modern trucks, with renewable Biomethane. This fuel is:

  • 30-40% Cheaper
  • Up to 95% less CO2 emissions
  • 70-99% less polution

Wow! That’s an outstanding way of contributing to your Net Zero, and forward-thinking companies like Ocado, DHL, Tesco and EVCargo are well on with this journey.