Net Zero Dyce Warehouse

Located at Dyce, Aberdeen

Dyce in Scotland, only 6 miles from the city centre of Aberdeen, is home to Hazchem Safety’s ‘ORKA House’, a multipurpose facility comprising of a Warehouse, Trade Counter, Embroidery facility and Offices. Built to thermal standards in 2013, ORKA House uses electricity for lighting, heating, and office and embroidery machine equipment.

The drive to reach Net Zero, as advised by the UK Committee of Climate Change, is a focal point in the now and the future of HAZCHEM.

We have enlisted the assistance the Zero Waste Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Business Support Service for tailored advice on how to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, as part of the wider goal of the entire Scottish Society to reach Net Zero by 2045.

HAZCHEM Dyce Warehouse Aberdeen GREEN

Energy Conscious Practices

At Hazchem Dyce, Aberdeen

We review our Energy tariffs for gas and electricity regularly to ensure efficient and minimal usage and to identify areas of opportunity for further usage reductions.

We plan our gas and electric usage 2 years ahead to set daily, SMART goals for our energy consumption, taking into account seasonal changes and the associated areas for carbon savings.

We use a timed heating system to ensure staff work comfortably, without unnecessary gas use throughout the day.

Our air blower heating system uses an energy conscious ‘stop start’ mode, which detects the room temperature and switches on or off in relation to it.

We make sure our office spaces do not operate hotter than 21 degrees, the optimal working temperature, to avoid spikes in energy usage, as even a 1 degree increase in temperature can increase energy consumption by 8%.

All IT equipment and monitors are switched off at the end of the day.

Unused areas of office space are sealed to avoid heating and electricity sensors being unnecessarily activated.

Areas of ORKA house, such as the kitchen already operate with energy efficient LED lighting

HAZCHEM Dyce Aberdeen Warehouse

“The drive to reach Net Zero, as advised by the UK Committee of Climate Change, is a focal point both now and in the future of HAZCHEM”

Next Steps for Hazchem Dyce

Find your Net Zero

There’s no stopping our drive for a Greener Future, so here are our next actions at Hazchem Dyce to improve it’s contribution to our Net Zero Targets.

Replace current warm air heat blowers for Infra-red heaters with presence-detection technology

Replace all fluorescent and SON lighting with LED fixtures

Install 8kWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate renewable energy on site.

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