GRS & RCS Recycling Standards

Improved Traceability & Auditing

The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) and the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) are international standards with the aim to increase the use of Recycled materials, via more extensive certification and criteria in the processing and usage.

These standards are completely voluntary but offer a more traceable and certifiable pathway for recycled materials, to ensure products that they go on to be part of, can have full traceability as with new fabrics and materials.

At Hazchem Safety we have introduced Workwear ranges that include this Certification.

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Processes of GRS & RSC

Verified, Credible, Confident

Processes of GRS & RCS Verifiable Recycled Materials – to check the material is in line with the ISO definition of ‘Recycled’

Responsible Production – To ensure all sites for recycling materials meet social and environmental requirements, such as the forbidden use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Chain of Custody – To ensure recycled material can be fully identified, including the recycler to the final product.

Credible Certification – All parts of the supply chain are audited by a 3rd party professional Body.

Confident Communication – The RCS and GRS logo may be applied to products conforming to the 6 standards of RCS and GRS

Stakeholder Engagement – Suppliers, recyclers, brands and retailers may apply to have input in GRS and RCS

GRS and RCS Recycling 2

The new Workwear range from Hazchem features GRS Accredited products without any compromise on the product quality.

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